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The main character is a young special forces soldier, who has been fighting the drug cartel for a long time. During the regular mission, everything went wrong...


  • interesting story
  • choices matters
  • many routes in the future updates (including harem)
  • high-quality Full HD renders
  • lots of animation
  • lots of fetishes (Vaginal/anal/oral sex, Handjob, Footjob, Creampie, Masturbation, Sex toys)
  • hot sex scenes
  • no overused assets
  • (optional) shemale/trans content

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***All characters in the game are over 18 years old***


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TheNewMe-Ch4.p3-pc.zip 702 MB
TheNewMe-Ch4.p3-mac.zip 684 MB
thenewme.ch4.p3.apk 723 MB

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Why are all new games on here use MEGA? My androids not compatible.

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Enjoyed the game, keep up the great work, looking forward to seeing future content!


What happened to the sex scene on the beach? I swear in the last version there was one after she mentions a reward, but in this one she just says "forget it" and changes clothes. Did I miss a decision? I feel like I did the same things as last time.

You didn't get enough points for Triss. Check walkthrough on Patreon page.

Apparently I screwed the pooch and not her by uttering the magic spell when I was incorporeal. Found out by replaying from beginning.

Don't really understand why scene viewing is Patreon only, but anyways good work!!! Maybe come with more outfit?

When will be come chapter 4 for android?

Next week


interesting story waiting for more updates more chapters 

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wait there is a an update ? but the version I already have has the same number as the version I see to download here .. ??

No, I'm just testing Itch's buttons :)

REally ??  lol.. ahh .. er.. ok then :P


aha  .. A new VN.. will give it a try :)